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Personnel and Salary Advice


Your employees are your main asset. This is the reason why Moore MKW has more than 40 advisers and specialists to deal with all kinds of personnel and salary issues every day.

We have specialists for the following services:

One single point of contact for all your questions about salary and personnel matters.

Online payroll accounting

Every month, Moore MKW deals with the comprehensive salary administration of more than 26,000 employees in the service of over 2,000 companies. That is why we are really aware that a proper salary and personnel administration is much more than just correct payroll processing.

With our online salary and personnel administration at Moore MKW, your payroll records can be linked to a complete HR system. An easy and smart set-up of your accounting records on a single online location means you do not only work more efficiently, but our dashboards also provide you with improved insight into your employee expenses.

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HR advice

Your success as a business depends on satisfied employees. We would be happy to help you bring your future plans into perspective. What are your goals, what do you need to realise this and, above all: who do you need?

Our HR advisers will work with you to ensure that the right people are in the right place and that their talent is used optimally. Now and in the future.

Payroll taxes

If you employ personnel, then you have to deal with payroll taxes, wage cost benefits, premiums, employee insurance contributions and various laws and regulations. Moore MKW has specialist payroll tax advisers. They can indicate where and how you can save on wage costs and how to execute and take advantage of certain arrangements and premiums in the best possible way.

Payroll Taxes

Labour law

An integral part of personnel and salary is: knowledge of the labour law. It starts with the preparation of an employment contract, or the terms and conditions of employment. However, it also governs the dismissal of one or several employees. This is why we, at Moore MKW, have sufficient knowledge about labour law in our portfolio. Our in-house labour law specialists would be happy to advise you in which employment contract is the best option in a particular situation, based on the most current legislation and regulations. Additionally, they can support you with all your employment law questions about personnel and salary.



The Moore MKW team has certified coaches who can support you as an employer in handling various challenges regarding coaching, for instance career coaching, personal coaching, stress and burn out coaching. In addition, our coaches can also assist you in the field of re-integration.

Pension and income

Employee pensions is often one of the secondary terms and conditions of employment. Therefore, as an employer, you should organise this properly. How do you do that? Pensions are complex financial products, and legislation and regulations are constantly changing. Our pension and income advisers can provide advice on pension schemes and other pension-related issues that are favourable for your employees and for you as an employer.

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