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Future-proof together

About Moore MKW

As an accountancy and consultancy organisation, Moore MKW has all the services for today’s entrepreneur. We, and our international Moore network with over 1000 employees in 19 branches in the Netherlands, advise entrepreneurs about many issues they are faced with. Our motto ‘Future-proof together’ means we want to contribute towards personal happiness, business success and society.

What we do

Moore MKW advises entrepreneurs in each phase of their entrepreneurship. Our specialists provide support in accountancy, taxes, optimisation and digitalisation of financial processes, company take-overs and financing, personnel, salaries, subsidies and other business issues.

This is irrespective of whether the entrepreneur is aiming for success in the Netherlands or internationally.

We are in touch with a staggering 30,000 specialists in over 110 countries. Thus, we can serve entrepreneurs quickly and professionally anywhere in the world.

Moore MKW: pioneers with 70 years of experience

Moore MKW was created through a merger between KroeseWevers and Moore MTH. We have been operating as Moore MKW since 2023, jointly contributing many years of experience. We have set our sights on the future whist being firmly rooted. It is important to us not to lose sight of those roots.

Marinus Meeuwsen, Wim Kroese and Ben Wevers are the founders of the companies that form the new Moore MKW. The first letters of their surnames form the abbreviation MKW.

Our founders were pioneers who started with nothing and passed their companies on to a new generation of good professionals. This traditional stewardship has lasted over 70 years, and we wish to continue that tradition.

Firmly rooted with an eye on the future

As an organisation, it is very important to aim for the future, as is the case with entrepreneurs. Because those who do not look forward run the risk of being left behind. Therefore we are always alert. When the world around us changes, we respond to this.

As an accountancy and consultancy organisation, we see a number of trends and challenges: increasing legislation and regulations, digitalisation, a shortage in the labour market and the need to develop talent. Since joining forces as Moore MKW, we can cope with future challenges and achieve our ambitions to grow.

Those ambitions to grow are not just about us, but also apply to the companies and organisations we work for. We can assist entrepreneurs and other clients even better by responding decisively to changes by being innovative and through digitalisation. We really believe in being future-proof together.

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Our core values

We determined our core values together with all the Moore MKW employees. These are the beliefs and principles that will help our organisation to move forward.

  • Teamwork
    We work together and that is what makes the difference
  • Pleasure
    We are positive and have fun
  • Balance
    We monitor the balance and remain true to ourselves
  • Personal development
    We continue to develop ourselves personally
  • Professionalism
    We are professional with personal attention.

These values give direction to how the people within our organisation think and act.

Loonheffingen Remi michiel
“We like entrepreneurial people”
“We like people who are not afraid to fail”
“We like people who are or will be successful”
“We believe they are the ones who make a difference”

Moore MKW Fund

In addition to the focus objectives, we would like to make a contribution to society, also at a regional level. Right there where we meet our clients and employees. Therefore, we have set up a Moore MKW fund. We contribute to local initiatives which contribute in some way to one of the 17 SDG objectives.

Please contact us


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Eric Hutten RA

Executive chairman Moore MKW

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Olaf ten Hoopen

Member of the executive board

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Ton Rakke
Ton Rakke

Member of the executive board

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