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As an SMB entrepreneur, you have to make decisions continuously in the interest of your company and personnel. Would you like to continue your company in its current form, grow more, or enter into a merger or take-over? Our accountants look beyond drawing up the annual financial report. They are your sparring partner and confidential advisor. In this capacity, they can help you make the right decisions and plans for your company.

A designated contact person

Personal contact plays a central role in our services. We think it is important if you, as a client, have one designated contact person within Moore MKW. We understand that you would prefer to have one person and a permanent sparring partner with whom you can shift gear and is easily available for all your questions, speaks your language and listens to what you say.

Moore MKW is a multidisciplinary company and has a broad range of expertise. Hence, your advisor can act quickly, together with a specialist if required.

Which services can our advisors offer you?

  • Company advice

  • Financial administration

  • Financial reports, management information and forecasts

  • Data-analysis

  • Compilation of the annual financial statement

  • Accountancy for supermarkets

Insight into your financial administration, always and anywhere

In general, SMB entrepreneurs lose a lot of time due to the financial administration which forms the basis for a monthly report. Often, the report is not available on time or is not complete.

Structuring your financial records properly saves you time and money. And, you can have insight into your business, wherever and whenever via an online administration tool. Irrespective of whether you are a starting entrepreneur or are already keep the accounts, the Moore MKW advisor can help you seamlessly to organise your administration to match your wishes. Thus, you gain an idea of your business and any opportunities that can increase your return.

Of course, the Moore MKW advisor will look into your financial records, and (market) developments will be discussed with you periodically if you wish. Our advisors are familiar with various online accounting packages, whereby tailor-made advice is one of the options. Thus, we can arrange your financial administration online from a to z, or on location if you wish.

Financial reports with management information

As an MSB entrepreneur, you will need to have up-to-date insights into your business results. Our advisors map the appropriate control information (KPI’s) real-time and automated in an online environment. The link between your accounting package and the (online) reporting tool enables you to see the status of your company in a blink of an eye.

Consequently, you will have the opportunity to respond to developments and achieve your goals (on condition your financial administration is in order). Thus, we can assess, together with you, as to whether your company’s KPI’s are as you think they should be. This will give you an insight into why the actual figures deviate from the estimate. Up-to-date insight provides you with the opportunity to react in time and decreases the chance of unpleasant surprises.

Compiling the financial annual statement

As an SMB entrepreneur, you are obliged to compile an annual financial statement annually. If you want this process to be flawless, call in the help of the Moore MKW accountants. We would be more than happy to engage our accountants’ help.

Not only do the accountants ensure that the annual financial statement meets the legal requirements, we also arrange that (a summary of) the annual financial statement is submitted digitally to the Chamber of Commerce. Our accountants know their subject and look in depth at your company, therefore ensuring quality and professionalism.

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