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Tax is definitely not the favourite topic of most entrepreneurs. Our tax advisors and specialist are happy to take this load off your hands. They will ensure that you meet your obligations on time, maintain contact with the Dutch Tax and Customs Authorities and offer you pro-active advice about tax-efficient solutions.

Tax-advice: look forward with a constructive approach

Taxes are regularly experienced as a burden, but we regard it as an area where we can make a real difference. Our solid tax advice will prevent unpleasant surprises and utilise all tax benefits and reliefs for you and your business which will save you money.

All your tax matters taken care of

We ensure that you comply with all tax liabilities that apply to you as entrepreneur, always thoroughly and punctually. This includes:

  • Corporation tax

  • Income tax

  • Turnover tax

  • Payroll taxes

  • Dividend tax

  • Transfer tax

Your sparring partners

We think along with you, look forward to and are creative and innovative in finding and applying tax-efficient solutions. Of course we always operate within the appropriate (inter)national legislative and regulatory frameworks.

Our relationship with the Dutch Tax and Customs Authorities

In the Netherlands we are familiar with the concept of horizontal supervision. This means that if the quality of tax-returns meets specific standards, the Dutch tax authorities will rely on it. Moore MKW have made such an covenant with the Dutch tax authorities, which mean that tax returns from Moore MKW in general will be accepted without any further inspection.

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Director of Tax Advice

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mr. Erwin Morriƫn

Head of International services & International tax lawyer

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