Complaints procedure

How we deal with complaints with due care and attention

Complaints handling procedure

Moore MKW has a complaints procedure. This means that we will deal with your complaint carefully and seek an appropriate solution together with you. We explain what this complaints procedure entails below.

If you are not satisfied with the execution of activities by (one of) our employees, you can file a complaint at our office. If you want to expose supposed irregularities, you can also file a complaint at our office.

Moore MKW has a Complaints Committee, consisting of Guido Kamps (, Chairman, and Vincent Roelink (, Compliance officer.

You can express the complaint per e-mail ( or in writing to the Chairman of this Complaints Committee.

Postal address: Dokter van Deenweg 120, 8025 BN Zwolle.

In doing so, please mention:

  • your name and address;
  • the name of the employee to whose behaviour the complaint relates;
  • the date and your signature;
  • a description of the behaviour relating to your complaint;
  • the reason for filing your complaint.
  • If you have a proposal for settling the complaint, you can also express this.

Subsequently, the Complaints Committee will confirm the receipt of your complaint within five working days. You will be informed about the course of the procedure, including the settlement term and the possibility of being heard.

We aim to settle the complaint within a maximum of eight weeks. The Complaints Committee’s decision regarding your complaint consists of a validity statement or a rejection of your complaint. Of course, the Complaints Committee will state the grounds for the decision.

If you disagree with the decision relating to the complaint, and if the complaint relates to the behaviour of an accountant as specified in article 22, first section of the auditors’ disciplinary law, you can still file a complaint at the Accountancy Division. The Complaints Committee will inform you about its decision as to whether or not this is applicable

You can inform the Complaints Committee during the complaint handling period that the complaint against the particular employee has been resolved. As soon as you have expressed this, the complaint will cease and further handling of the complaint will end.

If the complaint relates to the behaviour of a chartered accountant or an accounting consultant, you can, in some cases, turn to the Complaints Committee of the NBA (the Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants) or the Accountancy Division in Zwolle. Please consult with the profession’s regulatory authority ( for more information.

See the whistleblowers' regulations here.

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