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Are you planning to sell your company or do you wish to acquire a company? In that case, a business valuation is an essential part of the sale or acquisition process. The Moore MKW Corporate Finance advisers have the expertise to effectively carry out a business valuation that enables you to take well-informed business decisions.
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When to choose for a business valuation?

What is the actual value of a company? And how should one go about determining that value in an appropriate manner for all parties involved? In the course of time, all entrepreneurs will have to deal with these kinds of questions. In practice there are a number of examples for which it makes sense to prepare a business valuation:

  • Sale of the company

  • Purchase of a company

  • Merger(s) or (tax) restructuring

  • Management participation

  • Joining or resignation of partners

  • Disputes between shareholders

  • Divorce

  • Gift

  • Death of the entrepreneur

The importance of a business valuation

When a making business valuation, several interests are relevant. Financial, strategic and personal interests. Therefore it is important to have expert advice to determine the value of the business, as the value that you might assign to the company often does not match the value that a purchaser of the company has in mind.

In a business valuation, our advisers will include all the relevant factors to determine the actual value of the company.


Valuation methods

A business valuation is more than just considering the present balances on the company’s bank accounts and the annual figures of the preceding years. The future and the earnings potential of the company are very important when drawing up a balanced business valuation. Hence, we take the following into consideration:

  • Financial history and financial forecast

  • Market developments and the market position of the company

  • Market opportunities and the options for the company

  • The company’s dependencies such as the board of directors, management, customers and/or suppliers

Beyond mere figures

A business valuation will not only provide insight into the figures. A business valuation consists of more than mere figures. You will gain insight into the business, its market position and any growth opportunities and earnings potential.

On the basis of those insights, you can determine the acquisition or selling price of a company. But you may also decide to pay more, or even less, based on personal or strategic considerations.

Wish to know more about value assessments?

Interested in more info about a business valuation? Our advisers would be happy to inform you about how business valuations are made and what services we can provide during an acquisition or sale of a company.

Feel free to contact one of our specialists for a no-obligation introduction.

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