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A due diligence investigation will show you the current position of your business in an objective and independent manner. The Moore MKW Corporate Finance advisers will critically assess the actual situation of the (target) company. The due diligence investigation will reveal the risks in all the relevant business units and will assist you in taking well-informed decisions about the acquisition or sale of a company.
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Due diligence, when and why?

With a merger, acquisition or selling process you want to know the actual situation of a company. A due diligence report provides detailed insight into the actual situation. It puts all the relevant facts on the table and makes the opportunities and risks clear to all those involved.

A due diligence report is the basis for the decision whether or not to proceed with an acquisition, or to start with a selling process.

Various due diligence audits

Based on our expertise, we can carry out various due diligence processes for you. Including:

  • Tax due diligence

  • Financial due diligence

  • Vendor assistance

  • Vendor due diligence

  • Exit readiness scan

Financial due diligence

You and your stakeholders want to know what the exact situation is of the company that you wish to acquire and you need transparent communication on this matter. During a financial due diligence investigation, we work from various angles and will present you a clear picture of the (target) company.

Our procedures includes the following financial aspects:

  • Financial position;
  • The reliability and quality of the results;
  • Elements that affect the value such as forecasts or the net debt;
  • Possible risks in the accounting or reporting; and
  • Possible synergies.

We will adjust the scope of the due diligence to your transaction rationale and objectives.

Tax due diligence

The tax position varies per company. This creates opportunities in case of an acquisition but may also result in unexpected risks. We identify the opportunities and risks by assessing the tax structure and history of the company.

Our tax audit areas include: corporation tax, payroll tax, VAT, income tax, transfer tax and international tax aspects.

Vendor assistance

Do you want to sell your company or companies? In that case we can offer vendor assistance before the sale. This will increase the rate of success of the selling process; it usually results in a higher price and improves the conditions of the transaction.

Vendor assistance involves solid preparation for your sale. What exactly are you selling and is the legal, tax and financial structure of the company prepared for this? Are your (financial) data satisfactory for the due diligence investigation to be executed by the acquiring party? What is the financial position of the company to be sold? Do you have to restructure certain (business) activities, internal processes or reports before the sale?

With vendor assistance, we will provide you concrete advice in the assessed subareas.

Vendor due diligence report

Would you like to provide a reliable and transparent report about the company to prospective buyers? We can document our findings for you in a vendor due diligence report. This will improve the quality of the indicative offers by prospective buyers and eventually speed up the selling process.

Divestment readiness scan

Do you have plans to sell a company? Selling your company starts with the question: is my business ready to be sold? You can already start with preparing your company three to five years before the actual sale, thus for your future ‘exit’.

We can assess your company with the Moore MKW exit readiness scan . This assessment provides insight into any areas for development for a selling process so that you are prepared for a due diligence investigation by potential buyers.

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