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Do you wish to apply for a subsidy for your business? A funding application process can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process. The subsidy advisers at Moore MKW can increase your chances of success. They know which subsidies may be interesting for you, and mostly work on a ‘no cure no pay’ basis. This means there will be no costs for you if the subsidy is not granted.

Save time and money with subsidy advice

Over the last few years, our subsidy advisers have assisted hundreds of companies with their funding applications. We take on all your tasks during the application procedure. Your application will be prepared with great care and all the details will be double-checked before we submit the documents.

You do not need to worry about meeting deadlines, our subsidy advisers will file your application on time and monitor the next steps of the subsidy process. If your funding application is not successful, you will not incur any costs. This means you do not only save time, but also prevent unnecessary expenditures.

Knowledge about subsidies and experts in your market

As subsidy advisers, we know the region in which you operate and have in-depth knowledge about the available funding schemes and the related regulations. But, also in terms of content and technical aspects, we know all the ins and outs.

We specialise in sustainability, process optimisation, innovation, product development, market exploration and internationalisation.

10 reasons to call in our subsidy advisers

One fixed contact: You can arrange everything concerning your funding with a single contact person. After your subsidy has been awarded, and we take care of the accounting aspects of your subsidy, you will keep the same contact person.

  1. 1

    One fixed contact: You can arrange everything concerning your funding with a single contact person. After your subsidy has been awarded and we take care of the accounting aspects of your subsidy, you will keep the same contact person.

  2. 2

    Close cooperation: It is our pleasure to invest time in you. We are interested in what's going on in your business. We can thus make sure that you do not miss out on lucrative opportunities, and that your funding applications are submitted on time to capitalise on subsidy opportunities that are relevant to you.

  3. 3

    Multidisciplinary services: We can consult and cooperate quickly with other specialists within Moore MKW. For example, with our tax advisers in order to allow you to also make optimal use of tax relief schemes.

  4. 4

    Future-oriented advice: Are you initiating innovative projects? Are you considering investments in new business premises? We would be happy to discuss your future plans and will proactively advise you on subsidies and incentive schemes that may contribute to your project targets.

  5. 5

    High-quality service: The applications that we submit on your behalf are of high quality. We know your business, your market and we have the necessary technical knowledge at our disposal. And what is more, we speak the subsidy provider’s language.

  1. 6

    Qualified people: You will be working with our subsidy advisers who have already supported hundreds of entrepreneurs with their funding applications.

  2. 7

    Strong international network: From cross-border cooperation to a European funding application: our subsidy advisers would be happy to assist you. As a member of an International network, we have a global network of specialists at our disposal who can offer you the right cross-border advice.

  3. 8

    For any type of entrepreneur: Our subsidy advisers are available in any growth stage of your business: whether you are a small start-up or a large SME enterprise.

  4. 9

    Flexible working methods: We work in teams and are able to handle unexpected assignments.

  5. 10

    No-obligation orientation: You are always welcome with any questions or for a no-obligation initial meeting. Most of the time, we can assess the opportunities and possibilities for your enterprise fairly quickly.

Our 4-step plan for funding applications

Do you wish to apply for a subsidy for your company but do not know where to start? We have developed a 4-step plan which we apply, together with you, in the funding process. 4-step subsidy plan:

  • Step 1: Introduction and orientation
  • Step 2: Subsidy scan
  • Step 3: Start funding application
  • Step 4: Conclusion funding application

Step 1: Introduction and orientation

During an initial meeting, we try to get to know everything about you and your company. We look at the current situation of your company and your plans for the future. Is your business going to develop a new product, cooperate with others or invest in new facilities?

In this phase, your entrepreneurial plans are an important factor for us. And the more detailed the information you can give us, the more we can examine the applicable subsidy options.

Step 2: Subsidy scan

Based on the information from the initial meeting and the orientation, we perform a subsidy scan. We use this scan to look for starting points for your business in both regional, national and international subsidy schemes. Next, the subsidy arrangements that have areas of overlap with your entrepreneurial plans are presented in a clearly laid-out document. This document will outline the following subjects per scheme:

  • The objective of the subsidy;
  • The main requirements and preconditions of the subsidy;
  • The maximum amount of the subsidy;
  • The deadline for submitting the subsidy application.

Step 3: Start the funding application

We will discuss the results of the subsidy scan with you, including the probability of success of the various possibilities. If the chances of success are good, we will start to collect the required data and documents to submit a complete subsidy application. We use this process to try and save you as much work as possible by keeping the paperwork for you to a minimum. Depending on the subsidy scheme means, however, some involvement on your part cannot be avoided.

Next, we will apply for the subsidy within the stated term. We will steer and monitor the entire application process proactively whereby we will involve any project partners. After submitting the subsidy application, we will maintain contact with the subsidy provider.

Step 4: Conclusion funding application

Once the subsidy is awarded, the project can be initiated. If desired, we can supervise the subsidy project up to its official pay out. This includes:

  • Project monitoring/adjustment;
  • Preparing progress reports;
  • Maintaining contact with the project partners / subsidy providers;
  • Drawing up the final report.

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