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If you do business internationally, it is always good to have a business partner who knows his way around in the country you are operating in. No matter where your global operations are located, Moore MKW has a global network of specialists available for you. No matter where or when.

International business in each ‘stage of life' of your enterprise

Doing business abroad raises specific questions and challenges. Tax rules may be different, there may be other mandatory requirements and each local market comes with its own challenges.

In each 'stage of life' of your enterprise you will face issues our international specialists can help you with. From your entry in a new foreign market and employment law issues to finding the right tax structure for your company.

What can we do for you?

Your business has no borders, nor do our services. We are ready to help you anywhere in the world and with all questions you may encounter. And those questions can be very diverse, for example:

  • Who can help me contact a good and reliable accountant/adviser abroad?

  • Where and how do I find good and inexpensive production locations abroad or where can I procure products?

  • I see opportunities to scale up my webshop sales or purchases to an international level; what legislation and regulations do I need to take into account?

  • Who can support me in the incorporation of a foreign company?

  • What funding options are advisable?

  • What are the tax benefits and losses when I open a branch of my company in a certain country? Or should I start out with a sales agent abroad?

  • What employment law issues do I need to take into account when I have employees in my foreign business or my international branch?

Why should you allow Moore MKW support your international business?

Whatever question you have, as associated member of an international network we can always quickly and easily bring you into contact with specialists in the country where you operate.

This way, you can always consult with a specialist who not only knows all the tax and legal rules but also the specific local market. As we know the specialists in the network personally, communication lines are short and we can quickly connect you to the right specialist.


Doing business in Germany with our German Desk

Are your business activities primarily focused on the German-Dutch market? Then as an entrepreneur you can go to the German Desk at Moore MKW with all your questions. Our German Desk specialises in all financial, tax and legal aspects of doing business and working in Germany.

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German Desk

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