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Are you doing business in Germany or have plans to enter the German market? In Germany, things are organised a little differently. The Moore MKW Dutch and German advisers work together at the German Desk towards your cross-border success.
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Doing business in Germany

Many of our clients regularly do business in Germany. The German market offers opportunities but, during their business operations in Germany, many entrepreneurs also face challenges and questions. Laws, rules and corporate structures are different and sometimes their way of doing business takes some getting used to.

Why the German Desk?

Our German Desk is specialised in all financial, tax and legal aspects of doing business and operating in Germany. But there's more to it. We also know the traditions, standards and customs that are different from ours (and yours).

We feel that successful business relations are all about good communication. That is why we engage both Dutch and German specialists to give you the best support possible. And that is why our clients think our approach is quite unique.

What can the German Desk do for you?

We support entrepreneurs who are active in Germany in various stages of their business, and support them with various queries:

  • Is the German market interesting for my enterprise?

  • I wish to do business in Germany: where and how do I start?

  • Should I form a German GmbH or can I open a German branch of my Dutch company?

  • What do I need to take into account when hiring employees in Germany?

  • How do I set up good accounting practices for my German operations?

  • Do I need a German accountant?

  • In which country will I be liable for taxes?

  • Which German authorities and bodies will I have to deal with as an entrepreneur?

  • Which tax benefits can I make use of?

  • If I have a company in Germany, will a company car with German registration plates be less expensive?

International Business with Moore MKW

Your business has no borders, nor do our services. Do you not only do business in Germany but also internationally? We are ready to help you anywhere in the world and with all the queries that you may encounter. As a member of an international network, we can always bring you into contact with specialists quickly and easily in the country where you operate.

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Do you have a question for our German Desk?

Do you have a question about doing business or working in Germany for our specialists at the German Desk? Feel free to contact one of our advisers for a no-obligation introduction. They will be happy to tell you all about the German Desk.

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